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Transcript or Recording of Magistrate Judge Proceedings

Hearings held before a Magistrate Judge are digitally recorded.  If you are requesting a transcript or a copy of the recording please follow the appropriate procedures below. Important: If you are ordering a transcript , you do NOT need to order a copy of the CD.

Copy of Recording

  1. Obtain form   AO-436 CD/Tape Order form  .
  2. Fill out and submit the form to the clerk's office by mail, hand delivery or email to
  3. The charge for each CD or tape is (see fee schedule) and is due at the time of pickup.
  4. The clerk's office will notify you when the tape or CD is available for pickup.


  1. Obtain form AO-435 Order for Transcript of Hearing.
  2. Submit the completed form to the court by mail, hand delivery, or email to
  3. You will be contacted by one of the court staff reporters to verify the information and make arrangements for the production of the transcript.