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Court Technology

Public Wi-Fi Access

The United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma provides free wireless local area network (WLAN) access, commonly called "Wi-Fi," in public areas of the Page Belcher and Boulder Federal Buildings. The WLAN is available during normal business hours. Wi-Fi access in the courtrooms is not authorized unless approved by a U.S. District Judge.

Any use of Court-provided Wi-Fi access must be in accordance with the Court's Public WLAN Terms of Use. Patrons are expected to adhere to the Court's Public WLAN Guidelines and use these services in a legal, responsible, and considerate manner, consistent with the informational and research purposes for which it is provided.

In order to connect to the Court's WLAN, or Wi-Fi, your device must have a Wi-Fi-compatible network card installed.  Access is provided in a limited number of public locations throughout the courthouse. Some wireless card software may require additional procedures and/or setting changes. Please consult your user's manual or contact your hardware or software provider for any additional assistance.

Once your device picks up the wireless signal, select the wireless network:

  • Page Belcher Building SSID/Network Name = c333
  • Boulder Building SSID/Network Name = c224

Courtroom Technology

The United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma has technology available for use by counsel in most courtrooms. The technology may vary between courtrooms. If you want to ensure the equipment is available and/or schedule an opportunity to test your presentation on the courtroom equipment for an upcoming trial or hearing, please contact the appropriate courtroom deputy. Please click on one of the links below for information about the available technology in our courtrooms:

Public Website

The Northern District of Oklahoma maintains a public website for the convenience of the public, bar, and media.  We welcome feedback on the design and content of our website through email at Please review the information about our website using the links below: