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Interpreting Services

In general, court interpreters are provided by the court for defendants and defense witnesses in criminal cases and in certain civil cases filed under 28 U.S.C. 2254 and 2255 and certain provisions of the Hague Convention. If you require an interpreter for a case of this type, please contact the courtroom deputy of the judge assigned to your case. In other cases, parties must make arrangements to provide their own interpreter.

Since 1995, the Judicial Conference of the United States, which is the body charged with establishing policies for the federal judiciary, has mandated that all federal courts provide reasonable accommodations to persons with communications disabilities. Specifically, "a court must provide sign language interpreters or other auxiliary aides and services to participants in federal court proceedings who are deaf, hearing-impaired, or have communication disabilities and may provide these services to spectators when deemed appropriate." Guide to Judiciary Policy, vol. 5, § 255.10 (available at In all other cases, we review disability accommodation requests on a case-by-case basis, and in consultation with the presiding judge, to determine an appropriate solution.


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