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Media Access

The court is committed to facilitating access to court dockets, documents and proceedings for the media.  Neither the clerk’s office, nor individual judges will comment on individual cases. Such inquiries should be directed to attorneys in the case. Attorneys are listed on the case docket.   Journalists are expected to learn and abide by the court's policies on contacting the court and on the use of electronic devices in the courthouse which are outlined in our local rules LGnR6. 

Court proceedings are typically accessible to the public.  The court publishes the court docket on our public website.  All proceedings are open to members of the public and the media. In cases in which there is a great deal of public and media interest, special seating arrangements may be required and overflow seating with a live audio-video feed may be offered. You may enter the building as early as it opens to the public and wait outside the courtroom to assure a spot.

The Court maintains an E-news mail list. The emails cover topics such as new judges, changes to the court rules, new forms, and the like. They do not address individual cases in any way. These are self-subscribed and unsubscribed. You can sign up on our website home page.

Additional information can be found on the Journalist’s Guide to the Federal Courts available on the U.S. Courts website.